Worksop Pride 2017

Communities Inc were really excited to participate and have a presence at Worksop’s second Pride celebrations this year. It was the first time the celebrations were held outdoors, with an Equality Parade as a key part of the day. It was a great sunny day and we were there raising awareness of hate crime, how to report it and where to get support for those affected. We feel events like Pride are crucial to getting the message out to people that they don’t have to suffer in silence and tolerate abuse.

Shamsher Chohan said ‘hate crime is a serious and hard hitting topic but we cannot assume everyone attending Pride will know what they can do if they become a victim. We just wanted to ensure that people had all the information to be able to report and access support if they or anyone they know experience hate crime. The more people know what they can do if they are affected by hate crime, the more empowered they become’.

Big thanks to the organisers for providing a great environment for diverse people to come together and celebrate.